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Chicago March 9, 2013 – “When someone has a vendetta, letting go is not an option.”

The promo trailer for the new suspense thriller Vendetta is now available online, which will be directed by John Fasano, who is best known for his work in Tombstone, Judge Dredd, and Darkness Falls. Leslie Easterbrook of the Police Academy films and The Devil’s Rejects is set to star in the film.

Written by Kevin Ciappetta and Sharon Whetstone, this film takes place in the rural town of Madera Verde, California, where two sisters return to their childhood home after years of abandonment, only to discover that a crazed killer from their past awaits them. Will the sisters survive the revelation of their forgotten youth as well as the killer?

To learn more about the film and to watch the promo trailer, please visit and get up-to-date information at

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Chris Salvatore may be a Hollywood newcomer but he doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking about gay rights issues or his film and music career.


Chris makes his film debut as the main love interest, Zack, in Glenn Gaylord’s new film Eating Out: All You Can Eat. He was cast as one of the lead roles of the film just two weeks after moving to Los Angeles—certainly an aspiring actor’s dream come true!


When it comes to making the film, the experience was more personal. The out gay actor is grateful to be a part of a successful franchise that encourages people to be themselves.


Chris explains, “Some people may think being an openly gay actor may limit one’s success, but I think times are changing and I am happy and proud to be myself.”


The film doesn’t try to break barriers or change one’s point of view. Instead, the film is just filled with silly and raunchy humor that aims to please its audience.


“Even though the movie is mostly a sex comedy, the message and the lessons that the characters learn are truly what makes the film unique. It really does make you feel all warm and fuzzy.”


Chris would like to play more romantic comedy roles, straight or gay, and admits, “I would also love to play a role in a scary movie. Scary movies are my favorite.”


He studied at the prestigious New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts where he discovered his passion for film and theater. He explains how singing drew the bridge to acting:


“I used to sing in the choir in elementary school and we would stand up and sing while the stage crew swapped out the scenery in-between scenes during the school plays. The plays were always musicals so one year I decided to try out for a part. The first play I performed in was Bye, Bye Birdie and ever since then I’ve been in love with both singing and acting.”


Chris has been singing since he was just a toddler and writing music since the age of 15. He took piano lessons as a child and even recalls putting on shows with his sister in the living room for their parents.


“I remember one time we did The Phantom of The Opera and we made a chandelier out of paper. At the end, it crashed down on top of us with confetti raining down. We were clever little kids!”


In addition to his role in Eating Out, Chris also contributes a song to the soundtrack—a song with an interesting title.


“I wrote a song a few months ago called ‘Pumpkin Butt.’ It was a song about what an ex-boyfriend used to call me. Don’t worry; it wasn’t supposed to be a literal nickname,” Chris quickly adds. “I showed the song to the director Glenn Gaylord. I thought it would work perfect in the movie. He loved it and helped me rewrite some of the lyrics to fit the movie plot. It is being used as the end credits song. It will be available on iTunes soon! I am really happy with how it turned out.”


So what’s next for this busy hybrid of talent? Chris is currently working on his second album, which he plans to release in early 2010. His film Eating Out: All You Can Eat is due to release in theaters in New York City and San Francisco on October 9 and in Los Angeles on October 16. Be sure to check it out!

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New upcoming actor Chris Salvatore is hitting the big screen in the side-splitting gay romantic comedy Eating Out: All You Can Eat, the third installment of the successful Eating Out franchise, due to release in theaters in October.

Chris, 24, of Philadelphia, PA, plays the leading interest, Zack, who gets the attention of Tiffani’s bosom buddy Casey, who’ll do anything to get close to him. Zack is lured by a fake online profile created by Tiffani and Casey, using an image of Tiffani’s ex-boyfriend Ryan. To Casey’s dismay, Zack meets the real Ryan and his dirty plot backfires right in front of him, forcing Casey to set things right.


“I think Zack’s the most real character in the movie,” explains Chris. “He isn’t really the jokey one in the film. He’s gentle, gullible, and mysterious but, at the same time, he has this sex appeal about him that grabs the attention of the ‘new to town’ Casey. One thing that stood out the most to me was that Zack really is the opposite of the gay stereotype—the stereotype that ignorant people believe in anyway. You know, here is this nice guy—charming, passionate about helping the community, and passionate about finding love—whose sense of normalcy really mixes nicely with the crazy plot and steamy sexcapades.”


As an openly gay performer, Chris believes that the film, which includes a cast of almost entirely out gay actors, truly reflects the progress of America and sheds light on the gay stereotypes, discrimination, and bullying.


“It’s important to be a part of a film knowing that it’s okay to be yourself and to let people know who you are and what you stand for. Everyone, the cast and the crew, was incredibly nice and we’re all a part of something that has the opportunity to help the gay community.”


The candid actor is also a talented singer-songwriter, having released his debut album After All Is Said And Done in 2008 in which his song “Done To Me” was featured on MTV’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.  Chris also contributes a song to the Eating Out soundtrack, which is being used as the end credits song.


“The message of the film is really inspiring,” admits Chris. “Even though the movie is mostly a sex comedy, the message and the lessons that the characters learn are truly what makes the film unique. It really does make you feel all warm and fuzzy.”


The film Eating Out: All You Can Eat will open in New York City at the Quad on October 9 and in Los Angeles and San Francisco on October 16. To learn more about Chris Salvatore, please visit his official website at or check out his music at

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Sept. 22, 2009


Singer Amy Kuney, 24, has experienced an incredible journey at any early age. At age 13, her family moved from Oklahoma to Honduras to live as missionaries for six years. For a young teenager, the experience was upsetting, having nothing but what she could fit into her suitcase and living an atypical life in a culture greatly affected by poverty. At age 17, Amy and her friends were kidnapped by a group of rebels while on a Guatamala sightseeing trip; eventually, they were let go. That life-changing experience forced her to concentrate on her songwriting efforts, and it has paid off tremendously.


Amy has since kept busy in her music career, signing with record label Spin Move Records and releasing her debut album Bird’s Eye View in August 2008 (also available on iTunes). Her song “All Downhill From Here” has been featured on the Season 5 finale of One Tree Hill and her song “So Help Me God” has aired on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions.


Her rich, soulful voice has been compared to artists Sarah McLachlan and Fiona Apple and her music is blended with upbeat and mellow tunes—most comparable to indie pop. This talented singer also composes her own lyrics and plays the piano and guitar. She has opened for singers Kate Voegele, Gavin Rossdale, and Damien Rice and groups The Veronicas and The Rescues—not too shabby for someone who got “the worst grade in college in voice class.” Though, Amy does have a bad singing habit, revealing that she forces her voice without warming up. “I get impatient and warming up takes time!”


This newcomer has even dabbled with acting, playing a folk singer and performing her songs in two episodes of Gilmore Girls. When asked if she would like to take on more acting roles, Amy replies, “I’m not sure. I’ve thought about it, but right now music is my first priority and takes up all of my time.”


Amy has also set the trend for YouTube covers, posting cover songs by Sara Bareilles, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Leona Lewis, and many more. So how does she feel about aspiring musicians covering her songs? “I’m so flattered with fans [that] make YouTube videos of my songs. It’s so crazy to me to think that people actually know and memorize my songs enough to cover them.”


Most recently, Amy celebrated her birthday on August 6th—on tour! “I actually played a show on my birthday. Ha. I played at the OC Fair, but it was great. Some of my fans brought me presents, balloons and flowers.” Amy also got to indulge in her latest obsession, scoring tickets to see her favorite singer Keane in Oregon and getting the band’s DVDs for her birthday.


She’s still getting accustomed to her lifestyle in the music industry, stating, “I think the hardest part is realizing how dishonest and ‘sleazy’ people can get when money comes into the picture. I’ve heard about it, and to actually see it is astounding and sad.”


Fortunately, fame hasn’t gotten to Amy’s head. “I’d like to be more fashionable. I lived in a third world country for six years and missed out on a lot. I’m still catching up and it shows!”

Currently, Amy has been busy on the road touring and performing at high schools, co-writing, and collaborating with new music producers. Eventually, she would like to take on producing. “I’ve done some co-producing lately and I really enjoy it, so absolutely! I can see that in my future.”


Amy’s schedule has been both exciting and hectic but after a long, demanding day, she enjoys watching Adult Swim and cleaning her laptop desk as a way to unwind—and she certainly deserves it!


To learn more about Amy Kuney, please visit Please visit her official MySpace page at to listen to her music or to view her tour schedule.

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Sept. 21, 2009


Model/actor/fitness trainer Scott Herman makes his first appearance on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week for the Malan Breton Collection.


Scott is all too familiar with posing for the camera, having modeled for Undergear and Baskit Underwear and even regularly appearing in Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan magazines. Now, Scott can add runway model to his ever-growing resume.


On September 14, 2009, Scott made his runway debut at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan for Malan Breton’s Spring 2010 Fashion Show, where the designer revealed his new menswear line for his collection.


“It was very exciting because I was always told I was too short—guess not!” exclaims Scott.


But even the most thrilling experience can have its misfortune. When asked if Scott encountered any mishaps before the show, Scott explains, “Yes, the zipper on my left boot would not work! I could zip it up, but the teeth were not connecting so I pulled the zipper out, used a big pair of scissors as if they were pliers, clamped the zipper a bit, put it back on and then I was ready to go. I guess I have some fashion skills after all!”


Malan’s exquisite show was out of the ordinary, which included a 45-piece orchestra—the Chelsea Symphony—and three ballerinas in addition to his high-end models.


“I liked the orchestra the best,” reveals Scott. “They were absolutely amazing. Beautiful music really sets the mood for the kind of elegance Malan’s fashion brings.”


And what does Scott think of Malan’s new menswear line?


“I absolutely love it.  The suit fit me perfectly and outlined my athletic features—not to mention that red is my favorite color!”


Fortunately for Scott, he can add that chic men’s suit to his collection because not only did he get to wear it, he also got to keep it.


“The world will see me looking sharp and when they ask who I’m wearing, I’ll have two words: Malan Breton.”


For more information on Scott Herman, please visit his fitness website at or his YouTube fitness channel at 


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Sept. 21, 2009


Designer Malan Breton has transformed New York Fashion Week with his triumphant fashion show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.


Malan Breton with models Scott Herman and Ronnie Kroell

This show was not like any other—Malan clearly set the bar for Fashion Week. The Chelsea Symphony Orchestra enhanced the traditional fashion show ambiance, creating a soft and elegant semblance of unity as ballerinas and models graced the runway.


"It was exciting and magical this season because the show embodied a part of my life I have not really been able to share with the world," explains Malan. "I guess in art there is always an inspiration an element that you draw from—this was the element."


Malan's spring collection introduced his new menswear line, revealing gorgeous suits embellished with brocade. The fabrics were carefully chosen to be durable and luxurious at the same time, much of which was done in silk and wool—two of the most functional fibers. Every detail down to the silk linings were carefully thought out and researched over a four-year process.

Model Scott Herman at Fashion Week

With several collections already under his belt, Malan's show went off without a hitch. "I have been doing this for years. It all becomes a routine after the second or third time."


Despite his hectic schedule, Malan did attend a few other shows at Fashion Week, which he describes as "lovely and exciting" as he's always eager to see the new trends and the hottest models walk the shows.


Now that Fashion Week is over, there's one thing he would have liked to have done differently. "I probably would have shown more ready-to-wear in my women's collection. We did not present a lot of it for the show this season."


Regardless, Malan's Spring 2010 collection has been receiving impressive reviews from style magazines and fashion blogs, celebrating Malan at his pure best.


"The reaction to the collection and the new men's line has been astounding, I am incredibly grateful."


To learn more about the Malan Breton Collection, please visit

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Hi, from La Tartine!

I decided to drive by La Tartine to do some research on a company that my best friend Joe, and I are doing. I think that it’s going to be a great company. I don’t want to say that much yet, but we are going to be thinking up ways to target our audience and make a great living out of this. I’m very excited and so is Joe. Other than that .I need to do some more networking.

I just got a text from my trainer and he said he’s coming over to La Tartine, so yay. I won’t be alone :D I’ve got someone to talk to and laugh with and joke with and kick ass with lol. Yee-haw!

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Hi, from La Tartine!

I decided to drive by La Tartine to do some research on a company that my best friend Joe, and I are doing. I think that it’s going to be a great company. I don’t want to say that much yet, but we are going to be thinking up ways to target our audience and make a great living out of this. I’m very excited and so is Joe. Other than that .I need to do some more networking. 

I just got a text from my trainer and he said he’s coming over to La Tartine, so yay. I won’t be alone :D I’ve got someone to talk to and laugh with and joke with and kick ass with lol. Yee-haw!

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Micro-blogging, weight loss & career

Okay, I feel bad. I’ve neglected this blog for quite some time now. I would think that with my start of my journey to losing weight that I would document it here, but alas, it did not happen that way. Instead I got sucked into the micro-blogging world that is Twitter and shared my deepest thoughts there under 160 characters. I think blogging has come a long way, and now it’s getting old. Micro-blogging is the new thing since, like, 2007? So I seem to think it’s useless to write paragraphs in a blog now. Or maybe I just gotten lazy to actually write something. I’m going to be posting some hightlights of what’s been going on:

Weight Loss Achievement

I actually did it! I lost over 100lbs and I feel great! From pant size 58 to 36 has been a hard rocking journey for me. I have one of the best trainers at Gold’s Gym. His name is JC and he promised me he would help me in any way to become the person I have become. I can honestly say that I’ve had my doubts in the beginning of 2008, but I’ve learned to trust JC. He’s my best friend. He’s also like a brother to me. And my role model.

Career Goals

With the career path I’m in right now I can honestly say how happy I am to be working in media entertainment. It’s something I’ve always knew I wanted to fall into. Sure, when I was a kid I had dreams of working as an actor in Hollywood after crushing on little Drew Barrymore in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as Gertie. I joined school productions all the way thru high school, after graduating I audtioned at an acting school where I got extra roles in feature films like Spider-Man and Bee Season, and The WB’s (now CW?) hit tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4 (Ep This Years’ Girl). But by my early 20s I slowly got interested behind the scenes with screenwriting, producing and managing. I don’t regret having to change majors in school. I went from pscyhology, english to media communications. All I ever wanted to do was act, so thinking of a major in school was difficult to me. Media Communications came easy to me because 1) it branches out into many ent. careers like news anchors, author, writers, tv, actors, film, etc. 2) Web design is a big part of media, and I love designing. So with joining a film production to collaborating with a few celebrities in Hollywood things got really good for me, and I’ve gotten many opportunities today. I can’t wait what my future holds.

This is all what I can think of now lol.

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